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01 May 2012

Why are we supporting "Dress a Girl Around the World"?

Since starting Space to Sew I wanted to make sure that as we grow we are giving, not just in terms of sharing sewing expertise, but also to both the local community and, where possible, the wider world. As a result I have been on the lookout for opportunities to support charities with which we have an obvious link and which can also encourage people to take up or continue sewing. Thus, from what was originally an idea suggested to me during a chance conversation in the street, came the concept of encouraging folk to start making pillowcase dresses not just at Space to Sew, but right across Shropshire. And of encouraging sewers to keep making them...

The beauty of these dresses is that they are simple and quick to make - and that they are suitable for sewers of all levels. Children and non-experts can help by cutting out, preparing fabric and decorating the dresses when they are finished. More confident sewers can lead the process, machine sew the seams and ensure that they are built to last. Depending on your expertise and how much extra decorating you want to add you can expect to make a dress in 30mins to an hour and they can be made from pillowcases or pieces of fabric depending on your preference. And making them is lots of fun!

For more information about what other people in the UK are doing see

For information about those sewing dresses elsewhere in the world see

Please join us in making dresses for little girls who have none - and help us spread the word to others!

Thanks so much for reading,


Owner of Space to Sew - and resident student!

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