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22 June 2014

Cakes for everyone

As most of our clients well know, one of the highlights of coming to Space to Sew is the opportunity to enjoy Holly Robinson’s gluten-free cakes and especially her mouth-watering triple chocolate brownies. Her brownies have become so much part of the Space to Sew experience that some now expect them as soon as they get in the door! So, given their popularity, and the fact that various local folk are currently discussing how to celebrate all that is good about eating cake in Shropshire, it seems that a blog post about the lovely Holly and her baking is long overdue.

Holly’s fascination with baking started when she was about 6 years of age: her mother ran the Moveable Feasts catering business and also baked for the MS Society Fairs so Holly usually missed out on eating cake (or at least enough of it!). She started baking herself in her teens. On becoming gluten-free in her early twenties she became frustrated with the gluten-free cake and biscuit choices on the market as she found them expensive, limited and rather cardboard-like in taste. She decided to therefore bake her own which, unbeknown to her, became the foundation for the specialised niche on which she now runs her gluten-free cake business.

That said, although Holly’s creations are labelled as gluten-free, her aim is to bake cakes for all to enjoy so that those with gluten-intolerance don’t always feel they are ‘eating separately’. Wanting to appeal to the wider cake-eating market, she therefore aims for hers to be as tasty as any regular cakes, hence her choice of business name “Timeless and Tasty”. I have to say that from Space to Sew’s point of view she has achieved her objective as we only offer Holly’s gluten-free cakes in house and, until we mention that they are gluten-free, no one realises and they are irresistible to all.

Having Holly provide our refreshments is a no-brainer for us as she also offers a very personal, efficient and friendly service. Her cakes are freshly baked strictly to order can be hand-delivered within Shrewsbury or collected from her by her clients. She has been delivering cakes to Space to Sew for almost two years and has never failed us - even when she broke her toe! An extra advantage is that Holly’s brownies and un-iced tray-bakes can be frozen if needed for a future date and they always come out as if they are fresh thus reducing waste if any are left over (we wish!)

She can supply the following to order:

Holly also provides dairy-free/lacto-free cakes and caters to other specialised diets on request.




Cakes can also be posted beyond Shrewsbury/nation-wide; postage and packaging costs apply and will be quoted on request.

To contact Holly directly ring her on 07861.371113.

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