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18 April 2013

Lovely Lampshades

There's been much excitement at Space to Sew recently over the arrival of a new tutor: Tracey Thrussell of Toodlepeep (maker of handmade lampshades).

Tracey originally came to us as a client and we were so taken by her lovely lampshades and winning personality that we asked whether she'd be willing to pass on her skills. To our delight she said yes: enter a fab few hours of lampshade-making fun making whilst Janet was on holiday one Wednesday afternoon (when the proverbial cat is away the mice now make lampshades!).

Always intrigued by people's stories I asked Tracey about her lampshade journey. In her own words:

"I have spent the majority of my working life in textiles and design; 15 years of which spent in the Laura Ashley design studio – wow that makes me feel old! I worked in the graphic design studio before moving in to textiles where I dealt with dress fabrics, furnishings and wallpaper. As time moved on I concentrated on Computer Aided Design and also freelanced for many other companies. So it’s safe to say fabric is a huge love of mine.

I loved those early days working for Laura Ashley; it gave me a fantastic foundation in design. When I left it was a huge leap to start freelancing but very rewarding and got me involved with a wide variety of businesses.

I then had time off to look after my new baby Erin Rose which was great, she then started school and I wanted to do something different but still working with fabrics and decided to go on a lampshade-making course and was immediately hooked! I then started Toodlepeep making my very own lampshades, which I love and get such a thrill with everyone I make.

I make them with an array of different fabrics from Amy Butler to Vintage fabric but the plan is to design my own fabric for them.

I’m delighted and excited to be teaching the Lovely Lampshade Course at Space to Sew and look forward to meeting you there for a fun introduction to the world of lampshades!!"

Tracey returns to teach her lampshade course at Space to Sew again in June. If this is something you'd like to learn to do let us know soon as places are likely to book up very fast: those who attended last time have become lampshade addicts as those of you who follow us on Twitter will know!

A warning for the sewing purists among you though: no sewing is required for this course. All you need is fabric, dressmaking scissors and the desire to have fun. Bring those and you'll leave with a beautiful lampshade - and the ability to make lots more!

Or you can order a bespoke lampshade and let Tracey make it for you. Follow her on Twitter @toodlepeeplamp and I'm sure she'll get in touch.

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