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25 March 2013

"No New Clothes" Challenge

One of the things I love most about our sewing Club is the inspiration I get from what other members and our tutors are making. And of course the amazing camaraderie that goes with it. Folk are amazingly supportive of each other and I for one am hugely encouraged to get on with sewing projects that I wouldnt otherwise find time to work on. Sewing with others was one of the things I really missed when I moved up from London and surrounding myself with other 'sewists' has had its usual uplifting effect.

As mentioned previously in Jodie's Placket Nightmare, one of our most inspiring Club members is Jodie (pictured above hugging her favourite her very beloved Overlocker). Her enthusiasm and determination are infectious as is her undaunted ability to try new challenges & push the boundaries of her sewing knowledge to the next level. I have to admit that I originally wondered if she would reach a 'sewing plateau' (I realised only recently that I have reached one of those myself as my original sewing goals have now been met). Yet not Jodie: she seems to be stretching herself even more than before and part of this is due to her decision at the start of the year that she would sew everything (yes, absolutely everything) she wears in 2013. Why? In her own words:

“No New Clothes for Jodie.

A few things led to the above sentence:

I have too many clothes, I really do, and I keep buying more. I make plans to go out for the evening then look to buy a new top or dress, why? I have clothes I can wear already. Is society or habit my reason for doing this?

Then around the time of the New Year, I completed a mental checklist of all that I own and decided I had no actual need to buy clothes or much else. Then I thought, I want to be able to sew clothes and this can only come from practice, practice and some more practice.

Combine the two: if I want something new to wear I am going to make it and the money I save on my buying can go towards sewing courses and sewing Club (I m about to learn how to make a bra ) to help me learn new skills and buy fabric (as we know this is not always cheap ).

I mentioned this at sewing club, and suddenly I felt committed as other people thought this sounded great. new clothes for Jodie. Wish me luck.”

Domini again:

No luck needed Jodie. Your amazing determination and perseverance will see you through!

Note: Since Jodie decided on her challenge I have decided to follow her example as has at least one other Club member. If any of you reading are doing the same please tell us about it by writing to: We will write back!

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