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19 May 2012

A present on the doorstep

Well here I am writing a second blog post. Who'd have thought it... But, if there was ever a day to write, it had to be today because when I popped over to Space to Sew I found a really lovely present waiting outside the front door: a bag full of 6 beautifully made pillowcase dresses! Unfortunately the gift was anonymous so I don't know who to thank, but I'm hoping that the lovely generous person who left them might read this blog or be following us on Twitter. If you are reading, thank you so so much. They are gorgeous. I will post some photos of them next week. As some of you already know I am not a dab hand where technology is concerned, so even if I have progressed to the heights of blog-writing, instant photo posting is a skill I have yet to acquire!

I have to say that so far enthusiasm about Dress a Girl Week is far exceeding our expectation, which is amazing. Thanks to the kind folk who've featured us on both Shropshire Live and in the Shropshire Star, places are filling up fast on the 'how to' sessions. And a few of you have already said you will be coming to learn from us to then show others how to make dresses too, which is exactly what we were hoping for. And we've also received some very generous donations including a HUGE bag of trimmings and fabrics to be used both during Dress a Girl Week and for our Kidsewing Classes and some lovely pillowcases and ribbons from some of our Twitter followers. We can't thank you enough for your generosity. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Soooo much.

Well while Dress a Girl week is nearly upon us, we've also enjoyed some wonderful times in our Kidsewing Classes - and I was thrilled to have been allowed to join in the later session! Despite not having mastered blanket stitch yet - unlike all our younger sewers! - I had a wonderful time and the enthusiasm of our youngest sewers - and the fact that they've all voted to come back themselves and not because their Mummies 'said so' - is a true accolade for Janet (not that the Space to Sew team had any doubts about her ability to inspire and enthuse others with her creativity!). Although we had all (me included!) failed to do our homework and finish our calico hearts (we are being allowed to bring them in next time...) yesterday we made little needlework cases out of felt -such a great idea and not difficult to make! Here's Janet's sample.

I have to admit to staying on at Space to Sew yesterday to finish the one I started in class and I then made one for my cross stitch needles when I got home (so nice to have finished something at last...). None of mine are a patch on the one being beautifully sewn by our 8 year old member (complete with lazy daisy!). I'm hoping we'll be able to take a photo of it and post it before too long, because it is really the loveliest of all.

And in the meantime it's been lovely to welcome two new Club members over the past few weeks, both involved with dressmaking projects this time round. Summer definitely seems to be the theme for all the sensible dressmakers other than myself. They're sewing beautiful skirts, dresses and even shorts, while I am still working on a winter skirt and cape! I gather there have also been a number of beautiful home accessories made by one of our regular members who seems to be doing lots of extra sewing at home whilst working on other projects in Club time...

And yes I have been working on my cape, though slowly. I have now got a number of folk reminding me that it's time it was finished - and I totally agree! I might have if I hadn't decided to add new things to it along the way, so here's a tip if you want to finish projects quickly: decide whether you're lining them or not at the start - and don't decide to add a collar when you've nearly finished! There's a few other things I've learnt while doing it, so I will gather all those thoughts together and blog about it from a student's perspective later in the week.

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