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13 March 2013

Shrewsbury - the Place to Sew

I can’t believe Space to Sew’s been going for just over a year! We are so very grateful to all the wonderful clients we’ve met over the last 12 months, especially our lovely Club members whose company we enjoy on a regular basis. And our thanks go too to the many friends we have made and not least to those who have helped get us on our way. Amongst those friends we are very privileged to have been greatly supported by the local media, especially Jim Hawkins and Vicki Archer on BBC Radio Shropshire and the lovely Michael Tinkler at Severn Magazine. Thank you so very much to all of you for befriending and supporting us. We could not have got this far without you. And thanks of course to our very lovely Holly Robinson of Timeless and Tasty, who made the fab anniversary cake in this picture and who keeps us regularly topped up with her amazing gluten-free cakes and to-die for brownies (sadly she also increases our waistbands, which is not ideal for us dressmakers!).

Huge thanks are also due to our local Fabric and Sewing Machine Shops. We are unusually privileged to live and work in a town where there are fabric shops – some places don’t have them at all - and the combination of Watson and Thornton in Mardol and Textile Express in Milk St in particular keep us and many clients well stocked up with supplies when needed.

For those of you reading from beyond Shrewsbury who struggle to buy fabric (as I did when living in Putney - London of all places!), Watson and Thornton also offer an internet service so do check them out at next time you want to go fabric shopping.

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