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28 October 2012

Exploring the 1940s: a Vintage Journey Begins

I m so very excited: the lovely Kate has introduced me to 1940s fashion, something I really didn't know much about - if anything! I've worked on a 1950s pattern before and know a bit about 1960s styles - lived the 1970s & 80s (though whether I should admit to that fashion-wise is debatable... I was very young!). But the 1940s had eluded me in any detail until now.

After much pointing me in the mirror to explain the design concepts of aiming to achieve a perfect hourglass figure (yeah, right...)  Kate showed me how some of these styles can be flattering to a smaller waist & narrower shoulders (yes, you've guessed it: I'm the proverbial pear shape - Gok eat your heart out!). I have to say that after spending hours browsing through Kate's book "Blueprints of Fashion - Home Sewing Patterns of the 1940s"* and online for patterns and ideas, I'm quite sold on the concept, though some of the things I've seen have got huge amounts of daunting detail (will have to find a sewing buddy to help with those no doubt!). However step by step it is and, as my 1940s vintage patterns have now arrived, I ll keep you posted (literally!).

*Note: for those of you wanting to purchase the book, it is published by Schiffer Publishing cf. Their European outlet is

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