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15 October 2012

Creative Sewing Club

In response to an ever-growing demand for creative sewing, the lovely Janet Lees is pioneering occasional Creative Sewing Days and Club Slots. Look out for those if you are interested in Patchwork, Quilting, Free Motion Machine Embroidery, Appliqué, Upcycling and other Creative Techniques to the exclusion of all else. There is still a place for these in usual Club sessions but the Creative Sewing slots are being especially set aside to get your creative juices flowing!

For a taster join Janet in Upcycling unwanted textiles on October 27th in “Don’t Throw it Away”, or book to bring in a project of your choice to work on that same afternoon. Creative Sewing Club sessions will be monthly thereafter usually on a Friday afternoon. Specific dates will be posted on our Club page as they become available. These sessions are open to Club and non-Club members alike as is the same with all our Club slots.

And, of course, Janet continues to equip the younger generation in our ongoing KidSewing sessions. For more information about those sessions please visit our Kidsewing page.

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