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27 April 2012

New beginnings

Spring is all about new beginnings they say, so, while there's still a few April days left to justify new starts, I am finally launching the blog I promised that I'd begin to write. So here is my very first post, a bit longer than the next ones will be and a very new departure for me. I can’t believe that, having set up Space to Sew so as to continue learning to sew – and so as to invite you to share my sewing space while you learn to sew - I seem to have been learning more about technology than sewing! Instead of working on my sewing I've been working on a website, learning to tweet - and now writing a blog… No wonder I haven't finished sewing my famous cape!

If April has been about new blog beginnings for me, at Space to Sew May and June seem to be about children and other people's 'beginnings'. In response to requests from you we will be running various beginners' courses alongside our regular Club slots. These include Basic Sewing Machine Skills, Basic Curtain-Making and Basic Pattern-Making (more of you seem to be writing in asking for Basic courses than anything else just now). We are also repeating Liz's Inserting Zips course on Saturday June 16th because not all of you who wanted to attend last time could attend on a weekday. Last but not least, Liz is teaching a session that includes basic buttonholes incorporated into a piped Cushion Cover.

On to children, who are on our agenda in more ways than one just now…

All of us in house are passionate about teaching children and young people to sew. It's something we've been talking about since the first day as a number of our tutors know the benefits of starting young, often learning at their mothers' and/or grandmothers' knees (I missed out on that unfortunately). So after much thought and research we're delighted to finally be pioneering our children's courses with two trial sessions on Friday, May 4th.

Janet Lees, who will be teaching at Space to Sew for the first time on that day, will be offering two 2 hour sessions teaching youngsters how to make little calico hearts on string, adding hand-stitched words and/or a picture and filled with stuffing and a little lavender. Sounds wonderful to me not least because I love anything that includes lavender (I'm hoping she'll let me squeeze into her class!). I'm assured that she also has a more masculine design up her sleeve for any young gentlemen who come along...

We are very grateful to Janet for joining us - and also to those parents and children who are willing to join us in pioneering these early sessions, helping us to test the waters as it were. If any of you have children who might like to join in, there are still a few places left between 4-6pm on May 4th, costing £15 for a 2 hour session, with discounts for families with more than one child. Please e-mail or call me if you'd like your little ones to have a go.

Continuing the children's theme we are thrilled to also be launching our first charity event on May 25th. This involves teaching and encouraging folk throughout Shropshire to make pillowcase dresses to send to children in Africa and India. I'll be posting more information about it in a subsequent blog, but if you want to see a bit about what is involved and what others in the UK have already done click here

We'll be offering you free sessions in which to learn to make these pillowcase dresses. We just ask that you bring your own materials, make as many as you can and teach others to do the same as we'd like to send as many dresses as possible to little girls overseas who don't already have a dress of their own. So please keep an eye on twitter (@SpacetoSew), this blog and our dedicated Dress a Girl Around the World web page.

Well "that's all folks" as they say! Back soon, with news of how I’m getting along with my cape.

Take care of all of you out there - and keep on sewing!


*Owner - and that perpetual resident cape-sewing student* - at Space to Sew

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